10 Good Habits Of Successful Traders

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10 Good Habits Of Successful Traders

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Published by Trading College in Strategy · Thursday 09 Jun 2022
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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of trading, success is not solely determined by luck or chance. It is the result of consistent effort, discipline, and the cultivation of good habits.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting out, adopting these 10 key habits can significantly enhance your trading journey and increase your chances of achieving long-term success. From managing risk to continuous learning, this article will delve into the essential habits that successful traders swear by.

So, let’s explore these habits and lay some solid foundations for a prosperous trading career.

1. Successful Traders Have Total Belief In Their Strategy
They never move away from their set-ups or money management. They’re not always looking for the next best indicator or set-up; they have found what works and they stick to it.

2. Successful Traders Are Consistent
Successful traders are not always going for the big win. They have achieved consistency and are just persistently adding steady profits to their account.

Their account doesn’t go through boom and bust times anymore. They are consistent with how they approach their trading day. How they react to winners and how they react to losing trades sets them apart from unsuccessful traders.

3. Successful Traders Accept It When They’re Wrong
They know that they can be wrong more times than right and still be in profit.

They handle losses like any other trade. No shouting at the screens. No blaming their broker.

Successful traders know that if they follow their strategy then the next winning trade is coming soon. Once they reach their losing trade threshhold for the day, they stop trading. They don’t try to make the losses back. Tomorrow is another day.

4. Successful Traders Can Control Their Emotions
They are not up and down with their emotions. If they have a big winning day then they don’t allow themselves to get overconfident. They know from past experience that if they think they’re indestructible it will probably result in a rather large losing day. They are balanced and consistent with their emotions.

5. Successful Traders Make Informed Decisions Based On Probability
If their strategy is to take a set-up off a 50% Fibonacci line or at a floor pivot then they will take it, no ifs or buts. No emotion or doubt comes into their mind. Successful traders know that their set-ups have a high probability of being winners so they take the trade. If their last trade was a losing one then that will not affect the next trade. They don’t know which trade is going to be the winning trade so they take each and every opportunity when it arises.

6. Successful Traders Live In The Now
They realise that every moment in the market is unique. Every minute in the market is a totally new experience. Even though they have seen these patterns on the charts before they know anything can happen. Their mind is totally in the NOW order flow. They are not effected by the last trade (whether its a winner or a loser).

7. Successful Traders Work Hard
Every successful trader I have met has worked hard to get to where they are. They have all worked on improving their strategies and mental resilience; for most this has taken years to achieve. They know that placing a winning trade is easy but being a consistent winner takes time and practice. There is no shortcut to success.

8. Successful Traders Occupy ‘The Zone’
Many traders describe that they have been in total harmony with the markets.

This is what is known as being in the zone, first bought to the public’s attention in the world of sport where athletes were totally focused on performing. They don’t realise they were in the zone. No outside distractions could influence their performance.

As a trader it’s as though you’re in the flow of the price action. It’s a result of past experiences repeating themselves in one form or another.

9. Successful Traders Don’t Rely On Belief
Successful traders don’t come into the trading day with a belief of what is going to happen. They have no predetermined idea which way the chart is going to go.

Either up or down.

If the strategy presents itself they will take the trade. They know that beginners have beliefs about the markets and how badly it can effect them if their wrong. So successful traders take away the belief and trade whatever they’re presented with.

10. Successful Traders Take Profits
Successful traders remember to regularly  take profits out of their trading accounts.

This could either be every month or quarterly. They want to see the money; to realise those gains.

They understand that the money in your trading account can’t necessarily be seen as real money. Regularly taking some of the profits out of their trading account stops it from being at risk, no matter how well you’re managing that risk.

However you need to be a successful trader to take profits consistently. You need a trading education.

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