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Our Artificial Intelligence Trading Software.

Our Ai Bot 1 is smashing it! It is up 45% since we set it to autopilot on the 18th of August.

Ai Bot 2 has just been launched on autopilot. A day trading strategy that does 1.2 strategies per day and generates 2 Million Profit with a starting balance of £25,000.

We set Ai Bot 2 on Autopilot this week, and it’s already doing very well. In profit 11% £2,319.00 after just 8 trades. Remember that this is on Autopilot and it places the trades for you. See below the latest returns.

Pro-Trading System
Do you want a robust, reliable, profitable trading system to accompany you with your trading?

Do you want a Trading System that not only gives you a massive edge in the markets but also sets all the parameters for your trade?  Entry price stops and profit targets are automatically generated for you.

Our Pro-Trading Software is a plug-in trading system that sits over your current charts and does all the work to find those big, profitable trades. Alongside its trading screener, you can scan any market for the next signal in seconds and build your watch list to take advantage of a prime trading opportunity again.

This user-friendly trading system was initially built to find profitable swing trades for people who lead busy lives and are short of time. However, over the years, it has also been developed to be a potent day trading tool for the more active trader.

You will see our coaches and students trading with this unique kit, simplifying their charts and automating aspects of their trading strategy.

With our powerful Pro-Trading Software, you will:

  • See clear Green buy and Red sell signals. Done Automatically.
  • Be shown the best place to put your stop-loss orders. Done Automatically.
  • Optimise your profit targets. Done Automatically.
  • Know the best price to put your trailing stop and lock in your profits. Done Automatically.
  • Avoid sideways-moving markets and identify choppy conditions. Done Automatically.
  • Instantly access trading screeners to scan any market for the best-placed trades.
  • Find trading opportunities in seconds.
  • Have the system automatically generate your optimum position size.
  • Eliminate the guesswork.
  • Trade with confidence.
  • Buy on the green, sell on the red. Our unique Pro-Trading Software makes it as easy as that.

Would you trade with the top chart, using our clear buy and sell signals, automatically generated targets and optimum position size, or take your chances with the bottom standard chart?

Below is a chart with NO Pro Trading System. It’s so much more work to get the trade right. Add the Pro-Trading System, and your confidence will grow.

Apple Shares and Investor Signals

Crude Oil with our Pro-Trading System – We have had many great trades.

See below for the Pro-Trading System Profit and Loss Up to 1st September 2023 Weekly – Swing Trades.
Take a look at the Pro-Trading System trade tracker radar screen. It’s been another successful month of trading using the system’s tools.

The P&L box on the right has the asset’s movement in pips.

If the number is green, it’s in profit by those amount of pips x the position size. If the number is displayed in red, the trade has lost. If it’s in green, it’s made a profit.

No need to guess where to enter a trade or where to put your stop-loss order.

Entry Price, Stop Order and Profit Targets are all automatically generated for you. See the chart below.

Here are some trading examples:

GBPJPY, the top market on our watch list, has made a stonking 2,032 pips profit. To keep things simple, let’s say you have a position size of £10 per point, then that one trade has made a profit of £20,320 (10 x 2,032).

The second biggest win on the list is GBPNZD, with a pip amount of 1,968. That is the number of pips that this trade is in profit by. However, it’s not how much profit you’ve made. We must multiply those pips by the position size to work that out. Let’s say you traded this signal at a conservative £5 per point. Your profit would be a mighty £9,840.

Third, up is GBPAUD at 1,776 pips profit. Again, at a cautious £5 per point, that nets you £8,880 in profit.

By that same £5 measure, EURJPY’s 1,365 pips and USDJPY’s 1,167 pips will add £6,825 and £5,835 to your trading account respectively.

These profits would be 100% tax-free as we’re trading using a spread betting account. Whilst that’s a great option here in the UK, you can use whatever version you want, and the pip amount stays the same.

Let’s balance it up with the BIGGEST losing trade. You can see this in red. The EURCAD pair lost 204 pips, so if you’d traded this with £5 per point, you would have lost £1,020.

Obviously, this is a small losing trade when compared to just the single, top-ranking profitable trade example above let alone all of those other winning markets (both big and small) found further down the list.

This is no accident. Our Pro-Trading System was developed to keep your losing trades small and your profitable trades BIG.

Request a callback to discuss the Pro-Trading System in detail. Click here to find out what strategies & software would suit your lifestyle.

See the Radar Screen Below:

Get our Pro-Trading System Software, Screener and modular online course detailing their full functions and teaching you all the effective, corresponding trading strategies. The software and lessons are yours to keep and trade with thereafter, at no on-going fee, for just £997+ VAT.
The Trend Predictor Indicator

Do you ever struggle to know whether the price will go UP or Down today? The Trend Predictor will give you the day’s direction.
For Day Traders, Swing Traders and Investors.

The next item in our trading software toolkit is also our newest indicator, the Trend Predictor. This provides you with a fantastic method of predicting which direction the price is heading before it starts to make its move and (as there’s no need to sit in front of the charts all day) is incredibly advantageous when you’re trading alongside your full-time job or around running your own business.

If you are somebody who regularly gets the market direction wrong on their trades then this is the indicator for you.

Let’s discuss how the Trend Predictor will help you and improve your trading consistency.

You have to remember that all of our systems and indicators have green buy signals and red sell signals. This alone makes trading so much more straightforward.

Let’s say we had a weekly chart of Rio Tinto stock, the EURUSD or even Gold and we had a green Trend Predictor arrow that signalled to us on the chart on a Friday. There is a very high likelihood that the following week the price will go UP (not down).

You go long (buy) rather than short (sell).

How powerful is that?

For both day traders and swing traders, having a clear direction of where the price will go ahead of the time is incredibly advantageous. All you then have to do is look for buy signals the following week.

Once confirmed, place the trade and feel the benefit.

With our Trend Predictor, you will:

  • See clear Up/Down direction signals for all chart timeframes. Every chart option, from the monthly down to the 2-minute chart.
  • Be ready for the up or down move before that market shift even happens.
  • Set trade orders in advance so you don’t even have to be at your screens watching it in real-time.
  • Be able to use this software on any markets including Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptos, and Indices.
  • Have the Trend Predictor screener available to find all the trades that have signalled a directional bias.
  • Not only be able to use this tool in day trading and swing trading but also for traditional investing decisions.
  • Once you get the red or green signal on the weekly timeframe, you simply set up the trade according to the targets that the system provides you with and let it run so that you can go out and enjoy your life. See the sights, smell the roses; minimise the time you’re “at work”.

Try it and you’ll soon find that the benefits of our Pro-Trading Software can be measured by more than just your bank balance.

Equity Curve Since 2021:

The Last 3 Years’ Percentage Return:

*Please note that past results are not indicative of future performance.

Get our Trend Predictor Indicator, Screener and modular online course detailing their full functions and teaching you all the effective, corresponding trading strategies. The software and lessons are yours to keep and trade with thereafter, at no on-going fee, for just £500 + VAT.
The Storyteller System

This System made 265% return in 2022
Do you want to catch explosive trades? The Storyteller is the perfect System for this. For Day Traders, Swing Traders and Investors.
For any trader, it really is the most incredible feeling when you catch a big trending market. Especially so when you catch that momentum right at the start of the move. You just sit back as the trend powers on, multiplying your investment by increasingly bigger amounts and all you have to do is watch.

Knowing that other market participants have missed out and that they’re now scrambling to know where to enter into that trade.

Well, if you want to experience that same feeling, to take part in (and advantage of) some big trades then you need our Storyteller Indicator. This system gives traders an early indication of BIG potential trends and what an asset’s price will do next. Simplifying and visualising the data so that it can be easily read by you at a glance.

There are institutional & corporate players at work in the markets with much deeper pockets than us individual retail traders. If they want to move a stock, a currency or a commodity’s price then that’s what we will see in our Storyteller. This tool allows you to follow the big money and latch on to that price move early.

Don’t miss the next monster move; just sit back and let the Storyteller Indicator tell you how to trade with momentum.

Equity Curve For The Last Two Years:

*Please note that past results are not indicative of future performance.

Get our Storyteller Indicator, Momentum Trigger Screener and modular online course detailing their full functions and teaching you all the effective, corresponding trading strategies. The software and lessons are yours to keep and trade with thereafter, at no on-going fee, for just £500 + VAT.
Range Capture

Do you often get into a trade that reverses on you?
You see, each market, whether you trade Forex, Stocks, Commodities or Indices, has its own personality and moves only a certain amount of points each day. If you’re going long or short at the end of the range for the day, the chances are you’re entering too late.
This is where the Range Capture indicator comes in. This indicator will give you the heads up when a market has moved its maximum for the Day, Week or even Month. It’s great for day traders who want to catch major reversals or swing traders who want to enter on time.
EURNZD – See how the lower yellow line captures the exact bottom of this day. If you were day trading, you could have had a very nice profit.

Crude Oil Chart – The Range Capture caught a fantastic reversal which bounced 400 points.

This Indicator is only included with the Pro-Trader Course or Mentorship.

All of our software is provided to you as part of either our Pro-Trader Course or Mentorship Programme at no-going fee. You can purchase any of the software independently.

Our Pro-Trading Software is compatible with all major chart packages and brokers, including:

Trading on leveraged financial instruments may expose you to risk of loss greater than your deposits and is only suitable for experienced clients with the financial means to bear such risk. Trading on foreign exchange instruments (Forex) and contracts for difference (CFDs) is highly speculative and particularly complex and comes with a high level of risk due to leverage. You must ensure that you understand how these instruments work and that you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. No information on this site is investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instruments.

Trading College

Our vision is to be the first choice for premier training for traders around the world. Trading College attracts traders of all levels – beginners to advanced – and seeks to help people to realise their dreams of mastering the money markets. Our courses are designed to help all students to maximise their potential. We will support you every step of the way and guide you through the perils and excitement of trading.

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