The Monster Trades Setting Up Right Now

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The Monster Trades Setting Up Right Now

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Published by Lee Sandford in Webinar · Wednesday 03 Jul 2024
The Monster Trades Setting up Right Now

I can count 5 Monster trades setting up right now in the market. These trades could bring in huge profits for you. I'm expecting some of these trades could make a minimum of 1,000 points.

Let me tell you what that means, in terms of profits.

If you're spread betting and you placed a position of £10 per point, you would make £10,000 profit.

If you placed a trade at £25, you would make a profit of £25,000.

I'm confident these monster trades are going to happen because I have seen the same signals on a chart back in 1998, 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2023. These trades could be the biggest moves of 2024 and I'm very confident they are going to play out very soon.

Everything is coming together nicely for these trades and I would love it if you got on these Monster trades with me. A few weeks ago, I delivered a packed-out webinar on how to spot Monster trades and the people who joined us from that webinar are already enjoying big trades in the EURCHF and other CHF pairs. Some are already making 200 pips profit. At £10 per point that works out at £2,000 (tax free profit) already.

Another market that has just started a big move is Wheat. We have already started building a position in this commodity and it could go on a huge move. Many years ago, I spent several days in the Chicago Board of Trade grains pits and had a great time. Grains move exceptionally well. You can also Spread Bet them and make tax free profits.

However, these are trades that have already started their moves since the webinar. There are another 5 Monster trades like these setting up right now in the markets and believe me, you don't want to miss them.

Trading like this can be a great side hustle. Not everyone can or wants to be a day trader so picking trades like these creates the perfect lifestyle.

Because the demand for the last webinar was so high I'm going to do another Monster trade webinar next Monday 8th July at 8.00pm

Register with this link and you will receive your email confirmation.

I'm going to walk you through the big 5 Monster trades that are setting up right now. Don't miss it! The webinar software only allows 500 registration places and we have over 20,000 people who want to hear about these big trades.

I'm going to walk you through why I think these trades are going to be big and how I intend to trade them. These are not trades that could make you £200 profit but more like £10,000 to £100,000 profit. Remember, you could always use other people's money (funded accounts are a great option) to place these trades.

I'm really looking forward to passing my knowledge on to you because I think everyone can make big gains from these trades.


Lee Sandford

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