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Pro Trading System

Would you prefer your charts to look like this or this below? (Scroll left to right on the chart to see)
As you can see above, the Pro-Trading System gives you trend signals, your entries, where to place your stop-losses and automatically generates your optimum position size. This plug-in trading system sits over your current charts and does all the work for you in finding those big, profitable trades.

Build your watchlists and scan any market for the best-placed trades in seconds. Eliminate guesswork, simplify your charts and trade with absolute confidence using our suite of unique trading software.

Chart of our Pro-Trading System in action. Buy on green, sell on red.

Pro Trading  System Trax

With the power of the Trax you now have the ultimate easy to follow trading system. Once you see these in operation in any markets and any time frame you will wonder how you ever traded without them. Once you see 3 green dots below the candle you Buy or 3 red dots above the candle you sell.


There are several strategies we use for the Storyteller indicator. The main one is the Momentum Trigger.
The other is the 2 and 3 wave strategy which measures reversals. We also look at when the histograms get very extended and the colour of the histogram changes.
Here are the signals from the Storyteller:

Trend Predictor

The trends predictor software is an arrow indicator that shows you where the next candle is likely to go. Gren for long, red for short. Look how this trade continued trending higher after we got the Trend Predictor green signal. This does not always happen but if we are ready and prepared for the reversal we could be positioned well before it does trend. The Trend Predictor is an early warning signal.

These are just some of our indicators and software, we have even more advanced technology indicators and screeners to offer you as part of our courses.

Trading College

Our vision is to be the first choice for premier training for traders around the world. Trading College attracts traders of all levels – beginners to advanced – and seeks to help people to realise their dreams of mastering the money markets. Our courses are designed to help all students to maximise their potential. We will support you every step of the way and guide you through the perils and excitement of trading.

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